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Our story begins in 1963 when Industrie CBI started with production of specialized fans. After fifteen years, Industrie CBI underwent significant development with the opening of CBI Sud in Frosinone in 1978. But this was just the beginning. In 1981 CBI Engineering opened their facility in Cambiago, while the next year saw the existing facility in Monza double in size. This rapid growth brought our Group to the European stage with the creation of CBI Belgium in 1985 and then CBI France in 1987. In the years that followed, CBI Service was started to provide after-sales service, both during and after the guarantee period; its key activities are: installation, assistance, commissioning, revamping, proactive maintenance and repair. Starting in 2000, the group further consolidated its presence in Europe with new facilities in Belgium (specializing in “heavy duty” products for the glass and steel industries), France and Spain. In 2008 the group continued its expansion with a facility in India, CBDoctor, which produced standardized industrial fans, and another one in Turkey in 2012. In 2013 the CBI Group merged with Nicotra Gebhardt to form a group worth over 200 million Euro, with 12 facilities and 1000 employees located throughout the world, with one of the widest ranges of fans for both industrial and comfort air 

"Industrie CBI masters of the winds"

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