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When maintenance costs are paramount revamping the fans is a simple and Economical way to improve performance and system availability.

Optimize a fan for the new operating conditions, to reduce energy consumption, wear of fouling may mean a great saving in terms of operating cost.

To reduce costs and optimize plant performance, our specialist will be ready to carry out a thorough analysis and prepare a proposal that retains as much as possible of the existing equipment.


Revamping activities include:

  • Increase the aeraulic performances

  • Attenuate the noise levels

  • Energy savings

  • Increased production

  • Increased fan reliability and durability

  • Introduction of latest technological innovation

  • Compliance to new environmental regulations

  • Extend the lifetime against abrasion and corrosion

  • Fix Fatigue issue

  • Complete overhauling of old fans at our workshop or at installation site

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